About dehydrated skin

So recently I got skin needling done from my stubborn acne scars.

the lady said my skin was well hydrated and that alot of people she sees have dehydrated skin.

I didn't mention that I was a skincare brand owner but I felt that was a huge compliment that what I was making was working.

so what causes dehydrated skin?
external factors like overconsumption of alcohol and caffeine and not enough water. eating a very unhealthy diet and seasonal changes.

how to tell if have it?
your skin may feel dull, itchy, darker under eye circles and more prone to fine lines. it's a skin condition not type and different to having dry skin which is a lack of oil in the skin. even oily or combination skin can be dehydrated. its a lack of water in the skin which can lead to more oil production and break outs .

what to use?
it not only draws water back into the skin but holds 1000 times its weight in water which means it's key for dehydrated skin. ours has a combination of low and high molecular weight for best results.

like glycerine or Propanediol. you find these in face creams or serums. it's a key ingredient that helps deliver skincare actives and plant extracts to the dermis. I prefer Propanediol over glycerine as it has a less sticky feeling. generally if a product is sticky then its not a bad thing. means it's high in humecants. although most people don't like stickiness.

do you think you could have dehydrated skin?

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