Free from claims


Did you know that free from claims are no longer permitted to promote a cosmetic product?

Brand owners and companies are not permitted to claim that a product is 'free from': parabens, sulphates, petro chemicals, synthetic fragrances, harsh chemicals, silicones for example as it is suggesting a regulated ingredient is bad for you. Scare mongering on the effects of these ingredients are also not permitted.

It is also not permitted to claim that a product is 'free from' an ingredient that is also NOT authorised to be used in personal care products anyway. E.g formaldehyde

However 'free from' claims are permitted when they allow an informed choice therefore 'free from alcohol' or 'free from animal-derived ingredients' are permitted claims.

Note we aim to educate so people can make informed decisions.

Luxeluna Face and Body products do not contain these ingredients as they are known to cause skin sensitivities

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