How natural is natural?

Natural is a very broad term for skincare that is sourced from nature. 🌿
It means raw materials that are completely from plants, flowers, fruit or resins (or animals) and not made in a lab. 🍓🥝🌲🌷🌱
Or does it? 🤔
You may not realise this but there are 4 different categories of 'natural' all with different meanings, processing methods and degrees of 'naturalness'. 😯
When natural status is claimed, it can be any one of the following however, true natural is only the first 2 categories:☝️
NATURAL - derived from plant sources and is completely natural and renewable. Processed through cold pressing, distillation or extraction. E.g plant oils, herbal extracts.🌿
NATURAL MINIMAL PROCESSING (NDM) - derived from nature with very minimal processing such as hydrogenation and esterification. 🌿
NATURAL SYNTHETIC PROCESSING (NDS) - the starting material is from nature (coconut and palm oil) but is processed in a lab with a particular chemical (catalyst). E.g. SLS, cocamidopropyl betaine. 🥼
NATURE IDENTICAL (NI) - this is actually synthetic and made in a lab. BUT it is usually mimicking an active ingredient naturally produced by the body or found in nature. E.g vitamin b3 Niacinamide. 👩‍🔬
Luxeluna Face and Body ingredients are N (the majority) and NDM. Only our face cream includes 2% NI (B3 Niacinamide) which has so many fantastic skin benefit. 🌿👌
We will only use a very minimal amount of NDS if the only alternative is using palm oil derived raw materials. 💚
Sometimes there really is no other truly natural palm free starting material. 😔

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