Natural doesnt always mean sustainable

Natural seemingly seems better for you and the environment but not always. 

harvesting of some natural ingredients can be unsustainable and cause impact to the environment and or wildlife. 
these ingredients are Natural: 
palm oil - for obvious reasons. impact to wildlife and deforestation.
Bakuchiol is a natural alternative to Retinol. its been reported to work the same way without the irritation that Retinol has. It comes from the babchi plant that grows wildly in India, Pakistan and China.
It's officially not on the endangered list but there has been reports that with recent popularity supply can keep up with demand. it's harvested from the wild so i think it's leading that way as there are no commercial crops.
I'd rather not exacerbate this issue. for those who aren't pregnant, Retinol is still the Gold standard. we don't make this as we're a pregnancy friendly brand
and these essential oils are either endangered or critically endangered according to IUCN red list. 
did any of these suprise you? 
hope this helped spread awareness of skincare ingredients impact to the environment. 

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