Redness and rosacea is not something I suffer with but i know some people that do. I looked deeper into it to find out what causes it and what you can do.

According to research, worldwide incidences peak as high as 18%, particularly in populations with a predominant irish/english heritage.

And apparently there are a wide range of trigger factors such as temperature changes, heat, cold, exercise, UV radiation, and spicy food and alcoholic beverages. All the fun stuff of course!

From speaking with people with rosacea, reading lengthy research studies and reading dermatologist reports, there is a common theme on what is recommended:

*Learn your triggers e.g. heat
*Avoid alcohol based products and fragrances
*Calming mild ingredients for sensitive skin
*Warm, not hot water which can aggravate
*Be gentle, dont scrub. No physical exfoliants
*Sunscreen always
*moisturiser is key

1. Luxeluna Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide Serum
WHY: "For rosacea skin, vitamin C serum is very instrumental in helping control the inflammation of the disorder. It also helps ward off free radicals in the environment that penetrate through our already compromised skin barrier"


2. Luxeluna Hydrating Toner with Rose and Cucumber
WHY: Rosewater is an anti-inflammatory, which is calming for sensitive skin. This is great for people who have REDNESS, rosacea, or eczema since rose water contains antioxidants and can also enhance mood with a mild scent. 

Roman chamomile floral water is naturally mild and is suitable for all skin types especially the sensitive ones. It helps soothe dry and damaged skin, giving the skin a glowing, well-nourished appearance. Also, it helps ease under-eye dark circles, diminish the appearance of wrinkles and prevent facial REDNESS

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