Tips for Caring for Skin in Autumn

Tips for Caring for Skin in Autumn 

Can you believe that summer is over already! Im not looking forward to 6 months of rain so hopefully we still get some sunny days.

Autumn can be lovely. Theres the Easter Show, St Paddys Day, International Women's Day events and museums to keep the kids busy.

As nice as autumn can be, i find my skin gets really dry in Autumn and i always wondered why. Cooler weather means hotter showers which means skin gets drier. There is also less moisture in the air, which disrupts the skins natural barrier. Humidity helps moisture stay in the skin which we simply dont have in Autumn and Winter.

But there are things that you can do! Check out our top tips below. 


#1 Change your cleansing routine

Already dry skin can be stripped further with normal foaming cleansers. A gentle cleansing oil cleans as well as hydrates the skin in cooler months. 

#2 Boost Hydration

Now is a great time to start introducing a Facial Oil or Body Oil. I love body oils because they are quicker to apply. Our body oil spreads well and absorbs fast for time poor people. 


# 3 Opt for a heavier moisturiser

A thicker moisturiser with humectants and a higher oil content will help replenish moisture in the skin and draw essential hydration to deeper within the dermis. Oils help prevent trans epidermal water loss so a thicker, creamier moisturiser like our Antioxidant Face Cream can be so soothing to dry, cracked skin. 

#4 Dont skip the sunscreen

Sunscreen is important all year around. Just because you cant see the sun doesnt mean there arent any harmful UV rays. UVA rays can be present all year round and these are the rays that cause damage that you cant see like fine lines and premature aging. As opposed to UVB which causes the skin to burn. So dont skip the suncreen! 


#5 Add Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid 

Vitamin C is great for pigmentation but it is also great to brighten dull skin and boost collagen production. Hyaluronic Acid helps to plump up the skin and help keep moisture in. Try our Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide Serum

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