What is baby oil?

Baby oil is a mineral oil also known as liquid paraffin. It is used on babies and a very common ingredient in skin care, designed as a lighter oil to keep skin soft and supple. 🤱🏽 It is synthetic and comes from refining petroleum (so it's safe for skincare) which is from crude oil. Crude oil is a non-rewable source used for gasoline and other petrochemicals. 😷

Looking for something 100% natural though?? 🌿🌲🌍 Use our NATURAL BODY OIL which are derived from plants! A completely natural blend of pure plant oils - Avocado, Almond and Olive to nourish soft, precious skin. It also keeps skin soft and supple like mineral oil but you also get the added benefit of the vitamins and essential fatty acids that these oils contain. 🥑

Follow with our Oatmeal & Calendula BODY BALM to protect yourself from itchy dry skin or your little one from nappy rash. 🥰👶🏽 P.s We all know that babies like to suck on their and your hands and arms! These are non toxic so no need to stress if they do.

Our aim is to educate with the facts so you can make your own choice.

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