Why is there water in skincare?

Why is water in skincare?

We all know that water is great for hydration. But why is it in skincare?

Water is used for a few different reasons. Its basically used to dissolve highly potent and concentrated skincare extracts. It also is added to humecants which are ingredients that help deliver ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin. It's also used to make gels as well as face creams and lotions less greasy and overall help skincare products absorb into the skin better

Water is also an essential part of the skin’s natural protective barrier and the NMF (natural moistursing factor)

But essentially, No water means no water soluable extracts like Vitamin c, Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid. Without water, there are limitations in what essential skin actives you can use.

Note: Water in skincare is special sterile demineralised water. Which means the mineral and salt ions have been removed. Minerals in the water can interfere with emulsion formation and can provide microbes with the food required for growth.

Instead of water, hydrosols can be used which we do combine with in our Gel Serum.

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