Did you know i start this brand because of my son who passed away from cancer. 💚

I saw on a daily basis, the harsh effects of the cancer treatment and i wish i had my products for him back then. 😭

A study done revealed that a daily Avena sativa (Oat) skin care regimen provided significant improvement and relief in dry skin and itch for adult patients undergoing cancer treatments 🔬

The patients reported significant improvement in skin moisture with the regimen, during the five-week study period.😯

"The skin barrier is greatly impacted by certain cancer treatments. As the skin cells normal programming is altered, the skin barrier is damaged, allowing water to escape more easily and irritants to more easily penetrate the skin"

Those with dry skin, a cream with collodial oatmeal is fantastic.

Oatmeal works as an emollient to add moisture to the skin, leaves it feeling soft, prevents irritation and itchiness, provides relief for dry, irriated skin and soothes the appearance of eczema. 🥣

It contains beta glucan which helps forms a protective barrier, acts as a cleanser, moisturiser, buffer, as well as a soothing and protective.

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