Hydrating Cleansing oil with almond & jojoba - Luxelunafaceandbody
Cleansing Oil with Jojoba & Sunflower
Hydrating Cleansing oil with almond & jojoba - Luxelunafaceandbody
Cleansing Oil with Jojoba & Sunflower
Hydrating Cleansing oil with almond & jojoba - Luxelunafaceandbody
Cleansing Oil with Jojoba & Sunflower
Cleansing Oil with Jojoba & Sunflower
Cleansing Oil with Jojoba & Sunflower
Cleansing Oil with Jojoba & Sunflower

Cleansing Oil with Jojoba & Sunflower

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2022 Beauty Shortlist Editor's Choice Award

2021 Organic Beauty Award GOLD Winner for Best Cleansing Oil

2021 Clean + Conscious Awards BRONZE in the Cleansing Oil category 

 A natural oil cleanser with high quality organic plant oils that helps dissolve oil and dirt without clogging pores or upsetting the skin’s natural PH, without drying out the skin like other cleansers.

Our cleanser contains high quality organic plant oils grown without herbicides and pesticides that leave your skin feel clean, soft and supple. 

Why Oil Cleanse?

Because oil likes to bind with itself, the oil cleanser grabs onto the oil and dirt on your skin and gets washed away when you rinse it off with a warm wash cloth. Leaves your skin feeling clean as well as nourished and hydrated. Suitable for all skin types due to its skin balancing effects.

Includes oils high in linoleic acid which is the oil most recommended for acne-prone skin. This is because research has shown that acne sufferers have a lower concentration of linoleic acid on their skin's surface, which could be contributing to their clogged pores.


Directions: use 1/3 cap and massage a small amount into face and gently wipe off with a warm wash cloth or konjac sponge.

Use morning and night and follow with our Hydrating Toner.

Tip: Ensure all oil is thoroughly washed off the skin if following with our anti-oxidant day cream to allow full absorption. 

Add our super soft, 100% cotton face cloth for only $3.50 or a konjac sponge for $4.50


  • Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil (Jojoba oil)
  • Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (Sunflower Seed oil)
  • Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil (sweet Almond Virgin Oil)
  • Ricinus Communis Seed Oil (Castor oil)
  • Tocopherol (Anti-oxidant)
  • Citrus reticulata var. 'tangerine' (Tangerine essential oil)
  • Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender essential oil).
  • *99% organic ingredient
  • **contains Geraniol, Linalool, Limonene

    ALLERGY WARNING: contains nut oils, soya derivatives

    Jojoba is rich in vitamin A, B, D, E, antioxidants and minerals. Great for all skin types. Soothes, conditions, heals, moisturises and balances sebum product without clogging pores. A powerful antioxidant that helps skin fight stress caused by everyday exposure to pollutants and other toxins. 


    Sunflower oil is rich in vitamins A, C, D & E. It also contains vitamins and fatty acids that act as antioxidants to help regenerate new skin cells and help your skin rid itself of acne-causing bacteria. The antioxidant properties of sunflower oil help in preventing premature signs of aging, as it helps protect the skin from exposure to sunlight. The vitamin E in sunflower seed oil can help protect the collagen and elastin in the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in your face

    Product profile: 

    • Approved Australian Certified Toxic-Free, Made Safe, Allergy Certified, Cruelty-Free & Vegan-Friendly Certified.
    • Skin type: sensitive, dry, normal, combination
    • For oily/acne prone skin double cleanse with gel cleanser or ensure oil is thoroughly washed off with konjac sponge
    • Skin feel: oily, light
    • Aroma: low very subtle fragrance; citrus
    • Packaging: 100ml (3.4oz) amber glass bottle, recyclable / recyclable aluminum lid
    • Sustainable, eco conscious and palm oil free 

    *As we innovate, from time to time our ingredients may change. Please refer to our website for our latest ingredient list.

    REFILLS now available 

    Simply save the top from your previous order and select the REFILL option. Refill comes with a glass bottle and silver aluminium screw top (completely recycle) to encourage the reuse of the plastic tops.  

    Winner of the 2021 Organic Beauty Green Award. Its Eco-Choice Award for Excellence in sustainability, for our superior range of Eco-products, including ingredients & packaging.


    Winner of the AW21 Gold Organic Beauty Award for the best oil cleanser! Luxeluna Cleansing Oil $33.00 /100 ml with Natural Konjac Sponge $3.50 this cleansing duo work so well together, best of all the cleanser is made from Jojoba which is actually a wax that is virtually identical to our skin's natural sebum (oil) so it won't clog the pores. Jojoba is amazing for all skin types from oily to dry skin, mature or young teenage skin, if you've never tried Jojoba this cleanser is so pure I'd recommend it for cleansing the skin as well as balancing the skin. After removing my makeup or simply balancing the skin at the end of the day (washing away the daily grime or excess sebum), I have also applied this as a facial oil to hydrate & condition my skin & found that my skin loves the extra TLC & doesn't have any adverse effects. It also contains other skin-friendly oils of Sunflower Seed, Sweet Almond & Castor, which are highly beneficial for skin repair. The aroma is soft & sweet made from tangerine & lavender essential oils which I adore as skincare ingredients & for their aroma. I LOVE this cleanser!

    Reviews from the Clean and Conscious Awards 2021

    This is such a divine cleansing oil! It’s a pleasure to use and leaves my skin feeling clean, soft and hydrated. I also love that it doesn’t come with a plastic pump making it very eco-friendly and easy to recycle. I really love supporting small, female-owned, Aussie businesses so I was very happy to see that Luxelune Face & Body is one of those brands. It is clear from their ingredient, packaging and delivery methods that they are committed to making their brand as conscious of the environment as possible.

    –Ash Quinn

    A beautifully fine cleansing oil with a lovely delicate scent. It expertly whisked off makeup with only the lightest of touches and left skin super hydrated and comforted. The inclusion of a high ratio of jojoba in the formula made me feel as though my skin didn’t need anything much to follow after the cleansing step – it felt so nourished and happy.

    Philanthropy that is close to the founder’s heart is such a commendable undertaking. An authentic connection and passion for a charity is always going to have so much more resonance for a consumer.

    – Amy Starr

    I really liked this oil and the texture, works really well. I like that Luxeluna’s products are certified palm oil-free and the brand’s consciousness of endangered ingredients. It’s great to bring awareness to this.

    Carla-King Turner

    Light and citrusy, this beautiful cleanser removes my waterproof makeup easily. My skin feels supple and hydrated even after double cleansing with gel cleanser as suggested for oily skin. I love that this product is made of high-quality organic ingredients and the company are so committed to supporting the kids with cancer project.

    –Emily Fletcher

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    Further information:

    Expiry: tested shelf life of 2 years however we recommend using this within 12 months of purchase

    Store in a cool dark place. Cosmetic use only. Not to be consumed.

    45 day money back guarantee

    We offer a 45 day money back guarantee. Please see here for your REFUND POLICY


    We use biodegradable packing material, tape and recyclable shipping material. 




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