Formulation Assistance

Need cosmetic formulation assistance or a formula created?

Whether it be reviewing your existing formulas or creating whole formulas, we're happy to assist.

Once you make your payment, we will email you asking to complete a brief and for your formulation and or method. The brief will include questions such as your philosophy, hero ingredients and marketing story. 

From there, I'll create a formula for you to review and answer any questions i may have. 
Once you create the sample based on the formula, im happy to make adjustments based on your feedback.
You will receive a professional and qualified Cosmetic formulation chemist review of a formulation which includes:
  • Ensuring a safe, stable and effective formula
  • Review in line with product development brief
  • Correct phasing 
  • Input amounts 
  • Processing methods 
  • Value add ingredients in line with brief
  • Formula ready to hand to a contract manufacturer 
You will get a professional formula ready to be given to a contract manufacturer including the relevant regulations checked.
We have a unique offering in that you will own the formula and the rights, subject to signing the agreement. 
If you have multiple formulas you want us to review, please purchase for each product formulation you want reviewed

All information is held confidential and a confidentiality agreement must be signed before proceeding.

Drop us a line below to get started or for any questions and to be sent our Formulation packages book.