As a cosmetic formulator, creating natural palm free products are very difficult. Because palm's chemical structure makes a great starting material for a lot of raw materials that help products bind together and also foam.

BUT! Palm oil has devastating effects on deforestation and wildlife which you can read more about here:

An excerpt
"It estimated that over 50 Orangutan are killed every week due to deforestation.  Forest homes are cleared by either heavy machinery or fire.  Orangutans are left starved with no food source and often trapped in pockets of isolated areas with no way out and often wander onto plantations searching for food. The orangutan are considered a pest by many of the oil palm companies as they often destroy young palm plants in the hope of finding food.​  They are run over by excavation equipment, doused in petrol and burnt alive, captured, tortured, beaten, shot with air guns or slaughtered.  As forest home is destroyed they become vulnerable to poachers.  Infant orangutans have monetary value and are often kept as pets or illegally smuggled, the only way a mother will let go of her infant is if she has been killed.  "

What about sustainable palm oil though?
WELL! Even though a product says sustainable palm oil it may not be. Unless they are a certified member of the RSPCO.
Sometimes they use Mass Balance. This means that there is uncertified palm oil content mixed with a little bit of certified.

We don't want to be a contributor to these issues. We believe it is possible to create beautiful natural skin care without palm oil.

We use organic ingredients that are safe and gentle, while removing harsh ingredients that can cause irritation. Our formulas always contain over 90% from truly natural and naturally processed origin. Our products are palm oil free and we will only use a minimal amount of natural ingredients with some synthetic processing where using palm oil is the only alternative.



Because we dont compromise on quality, our formulas are not just clean, they are highly effective and professionally formulated. We believe that it is possible to deliver luxuriously beautiful and effective skincare without all the added harsh ingredients.


For our body range, we have used the most nourishing of oils that leave the skin soft and supple all day long. If you have been frustrated that nothing has been hydrating enough, try our body oil or body butter! They contain organic plant oils that are high in oleic acid, omega 9 – avocado, olive oil and sweet almond oil. These provide a very rich, luxurious moisturing effect on the skin, especially for those with sensitive skin. 



There's nothing wrong with wrinkles
Ageing is a part of life
True beauty comes from the inside and we dont all to look perfect, Just to be the best version of ourselves, Just real women who are all beautiful in their own way


LUXELUNA FACE AND BODY is in lovingly made in Marrickville, Sydney.

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