Body Butter (Certified Palm Oil Free)
Body Butter (Certified Palm Oil Free)
Body Butter (Certified Palm Oil Free)
Body Butter (Certified Palm Oil Free)
Body Butter (Certified Palm Oil Free)
Body Butter (Certified Palm Oil Free)

Body Butter (Certified Palm Oil Free)

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GOLD AWARD winner for the best body lotion at the Organic Beauty Awards 2021

Winner of the Mama and Baby awards EDITORS CHOICE at the 2021 Beauty Shortlist Awards

A super rich, hydrating body butter designed to moisturise dry skin.

Great pregnancy safe and pregnancy friendly skincare. A low fragrance body butter thats super hydrating and gentle.

Indulge yourself with beautiful organic plant oils, rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

What is an essential fatty acid?

Fatty acids are essential for skin function. Essential fatty acids are those that the body cant synthesise on their own. These help the skin with protecting the skin barrier, acting as an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.

The plant oils present our Body Butter are high in these essential fatty acids and help reduce trans epidermal water loss to keep it smooth and hydrated.

  • Approved Australian Certified Toxic-Free, Made Safe, Allergy Certified & Cruelty-Free Certified.
  • Skin type: sensitive, dry, normal, 
  • Skin feel: silky, thick
  • Aroma: low; citrus, lavender
  • Appearance: it gets its beautiful yellow colour from the natural calendula extract 
  • Packaging: 250ml (8.5oz) GLASS bottle recyclable / plastic pump top, returnable. See below 
  • 98% natural (due to palm oil free, nature identical preservative

*As we innovate, from time to time our ingredients may change. Please refer to our website for our latest ingredient list.

Note: as at June 2021 we have a new emulsifier due to previous being discontinued. Awards have been won with previous emulsifier. 

Winner of the 2021 Organic Beauty Green Award. Its Eco-Choice Award for Excellence in sustainability, for our superior range of Eco-products, including ingredients & packaging.



  • Aqua (water),
  • Persea Gratissima Oil (Avocado Oil),
  • Olea Europeaea Fruit Oil (Olive Extra Virgin Oil)
  • Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil (Sweet Almond Virgin Oil)*
  • Rosa Canina Fruit Oil (Rosehip Oil)
  • Butyrospermum Parkii Butter (Shea Butter)
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (Aloe Vera)
  • Propanediol (PALM FREE humectant)
  • Xanthan Gum (natural thickener derived from corn sugar)
  • Glyceryl Stearate Citrate (emulsifier)
  • Arachidyl Alcohol & Behenyl Alcohol & Arachidyl Glucoside (emulsifier made from rapeseed)
  • Organic Beeswax*
  • Vitamin E tocopherol (anti-oxidant),*
  • Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate, Calcium Gluconate, (nature identical, palm oil free preservative
  • Avena Sativa Kernel Meal (Oatmeal Colloidal)*
  • Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract
  • Citrus reticulata var. 'tangerine' (Tangerine essential oil)
  • Citrus Reticulata Rosso (mandarin essential oil)
  • Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender essential oil).
  • Sodium Phytate (natural chelating agent)

*ALLERGY WARNING: contains gluten, non-vegan propolis, nut oils, soy derivative

Avocado oil - a nourishing oil rich in vitamin A, B and E great for dry skin. It is high in carotenoids that provide natural protection against the effects of UV rays. Avocado oil helps to protect, repair and heal the skin tissues.

Sweet almond oil - very rich in vitamins A, B, D and E and also contains potassium, magnesium and calcium. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and penetrates deep to make your skin feel softer.

Rosehip oil - Rich in vitamin A, C, F and essential fatty acids. Great for anti-aging and sensitive skin. Perfect for visibly reducing the appearance of scarring. Full of antioxidants, moisturising, regenerating and absorbs quickly into the skin.


Calendula - has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that might make it useful in calming the appearance of wounds and soothing dry itchy skin.

Colloidal Oatmeal - helps to protect the skin and soothe the appearance of dry skin 

Expiry: tested shelf life of 2 years however we recommend using this within 12 months of purchase

Store in a cool dark place. Cosmetic use only. Not to be consumed.

  • Pregnancy friendly 
  • low fragrance 
  • PH balanced
  • A portion of the proceeds from each product is donated to the Kids Cancer Project 

*2% of this formula contains natural starting materials that have been processed with synthetic ingredients. We will only use a very minimal amount if the only alternative is using palm oil derived raw materials. Sometimes there really is no other truly natural palm free starting material.

45 day money back guarantee

We offer a 45 day money back guarantee. Please see here for your REFUND POLICY

Eco-Conscious container return scheme

We use biodegradable packing material, tape and recyclable shipping boxes. 

Please ensure bottles and jars are recycled. Jars can also be returned to us for reuse as they can be thoroughly cleaned, santised and sterilised.

Tops, droppers, lids and pumps can be returned to us to be TERRACYCLED. We recommend sending when you have at least 10 to make it worthwhile. But of course, we will accept any amount. Please let us know when you've sent them so we can issue you with a store credit. 

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